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~See how our sold horses are doing with their new owners!    

Meradas Big Swing - 14.1H, 2009', sorrel AQHA mare

 NEW Video! 4/17/14    Swing is an adorable, solid mare who has been hauled and competed in sorting and team penning.  She was originally started as a cutter and she would be great for the local ranch cutting jackpots too.  Also a great playday, barrel, or heel horse prospect!  She is super handy and easy to sort on, knows where she is going and uncomplicated and point and shoot to ride.  Rides around soft on a loose rein in just a snaffle bit - easy, walk, jog, lope, great stop, rollsback both ways, sidepasses, rides outside quietly, and stands dead ...continue reading

$5,000                   Swing's Pedigree

"Bongo" - 15.1H, 4 year old, bay/tobiano grade paint gelding

 NEW Videos! 4/17/14    Bongo is an adorable young gelding, all his basics are solid, he has had outside miles and he is ready for whatever job you have for him.  Walk, trot, lopes, knows his leads, has a nice turn around both ways, sidepasses, and great stop.  Goes around on a loose rein, relaxed, in just a snaffle bit.  He is trotting through the barrels quietly and is broke enough to start hauling along to local jackpots and exhibitioning.  Loads and hauls great, stands tied quietly.  Sweet on the ground, easy to catch, lead, groom, pick feet, clip, bathe, saddle, bridle, and quiet for the ...continue reading

$2,500                ~For more information please, Contact Us

Chiquita Nu Memories - 14.2H, 2009', blue roan AQHA mare

 NEW Videos! 4/17/14    Chiquita is the best one we have to go out on the trail on, she has a big, marching walk, goes out on a loose rein and neck reins anywhere you want to go on her.  Has been used for ranch work, on feedlots, and she's been in lots of crowds and traffic in town.  Chiquita was originally started as a cutter, and has been sued for a year for ranch work and working feed yards.  She has had lots of using miles and knows how to work.  She is solid and ready to finish in any job you have for her.  She sorts super cute, nice and easy, goes right where you point her, and very willing.  Excellent ground manners, easy to ...continue reading

$5,500                   Chiquita's Pedigree

Pepto Lights aka: "Chester" - 15.2H, 2009', sorrel AQHA gelding

 NEW Videos! 4/17/14   Better get comfy if you want to read all about this one, cause there is a whole lot to say!!!  This is hands down one of the most talented athletes that we have ever offered through our facility.  Chester is an open caliber, proven, and seasoned penning/sorting horse.  This guy has been all over the country and Canada winning the big money at the big shows - he has already won over $85,000 this past year!  This is one of the few horses that could literally, and is likely to, win his purchase price back at just a few shows, within weeks!  He is extremely talented, knows his job, and excels at it.  Walks into the pen dead quiet, will stand on a loose rein and wait patiently, then step into the pen and explode.  Incredible in the ...continue reading

$15,000                   Chester's Pedigree


Royal Dulces Olena - 15.2H, 2007', sorrel solid APHA gelding

 NEW Videos! 4/16/14    Royal is a big,  gorgeous gelding - he has been hauled sorting/penning and running barrels and poles for 3 years.  He is seasoned, solid, been-there and seen-that, and knows his job.  Consistently runs 2/3D barrels and 21/22 second poles, has room to push into the 1/2D with the right rider.  He has won lots of money and prizes - last year he won at the APHA world show!  Royal is easy to catch, lead, load, haul, clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, and stands tied anywhere quietly for hours.  Stands dead still for mount and dismount.  Is extremely pleasant and easy to be around, just a good boy.  Quiet and solid to warm up anywhere, ...continue reading

$8,500                   Dulce's Pedigree

Meradas Acre Breaky - 14.1H, 2009', chestnut AQHA mare

 NEW Videos! 4/17/14    Acre Breaky is an absolutely stunningly gorgeous, classy little mare.  Everywhere this mare has gone we get tons of compliments on her!  She is a finished cutter, has been shown and won money and is ready to go, this mare would clean up at the local events!!!  Very ride-able, anyone can sit this mare, she is very finished and smooth and easy - makes everyone feel like a pro!  She has also been sorted on a few ...continue reading

$10,000                   Acre Breaky's Pedigree

Elucive Annie - 15.2H, 2004', blue roan AQHA mare

 NEW Videos!    Annie is a sweet, broke, been-there done-that, seen-that mare!  She has been hauled to events and rodeos all over the country and has seen it all!  She has also been trail ridden, ridden in traffic.  She knows the barrels and would be a great local playday horse!  She knows her leads, has a great stop, sidepasses, backs up, works a gate, easy and uncomplicated to ride.  She has excellent ground manners, easy to catch, lead, load, haul, stands tied quietly anywhere for hours, easy to clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, stands ...continue reading

$5,000                   Annie's Pedigree

Bingo Was  An Oakie - 14.3H, 2004', bay AQHA gelding

 NEW Videos! 4/16/14   Bingo is an absolute machine on a cow, this guy is just what you need if you are looking for something ready to go for a youth or amateur rider wanting to get into cutting.  This guy has a huge record, has been doing this a long time, knows his job, and has an excellent disposition.  Bingo loves to work and is willing and eager to please.  Very smooth, a flat mover, extremely easy to rid.  He is a blast to ride, puts a grin on your face every time you get on him.  Has been used for riding lessons.  Has been lightly team penned and ...continue reading

$12,000                    Bingo's Pedigree

Reys Glamorous Girl aka: "GG" - 14.1H, 2009', sorrel AQHA mare

 NEW Videos!    GG is an adorable smooth, super simple, easy to ride, finished cutter, ranch sorter, and team penner.  She also goes around the barrels cute, and would make a great ranch versatility mount, and would be perfect for the local playdays.  she trial rides outside quietly and also rides great around traffic and crowds.  She has been hauled, and has been out and around, it takes something pretty different for her to notice anything, she has seen a lot!  We have used her for riding lessons and everyone loves her smooth, shorter gaits, and her fast stop.  She rides around on a loose rein in just a snaffle bit, has a great stop, backs up, rollsback both ways, great turn around, sidepasses, and works a ...continue reading

$6,500                   GG's Pedigree

Justa Dry Lady - 15.1H, 2003', buckskin AQHA mare

Lady is a quick, athletic, finished cutting mare.  She has also been used for team penning, sorting, trail riding, and local cutting jackpots.  She has also raised several high quality babies, and every one of them palomino or a buckskin! Lady is sweet, tolerant and has been ridden by very tiny youth riders.  She is simple, light, responsive, and easy to ride.  She has excellent ground manners, easy to catch, lead, stands tied anywhere, easy to clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, quiet for the vet and the farrier, easy to load, haul, and great around other horses.  Lady stands dead still for mount and ...continue reading

$7,500                   Lady's Pedigree

Playin In The Shade - 14.1H, 2003', sorrel AQHA mare

 NEW Videos!   Shade is a super smooth, extremely easy to ride, handy little mare.  If you want something no-nonsense and easy, this is your girl!  She is short gaited, incredibly smooth, light, but not too sensitive, super easy and uncomplicated handle.  She will drop down and jog and lope around low on a loose rein, or can ride her with contact two-handed.  She has lots of miles penning and sorting and was originally trained as a cutter.  Has also had a couple of super fancy babies and is a proven easy broodmare, nice set of papers.  Great on the ...continue reading

$6,500                   Shade's Pedigree

Ten O Gun - 14.2H, 2009', red dun AQHA gelding

 NEW Video!    Ten Gun is a gorgeous, handy, well broke little gelding.  He was started as a cutter and has recently been started as a heel horse, he has had tons of outside miles doing ranch work and trail riding.  He is an excellent trail horse, has been out and seen it all.  Great in new places, has been in traffic and crowds.  He has also been used for team penning and ranch sorting.  Has a nice jog and lope, neck reins, hard stop, backs up, turns around both ways, sidepasses. Great ground manners, easy to catch, clip, bathe, clip, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, loads, hauls, stands tied anywhere quietly, gets along well with other ...continue reading

$7,500                   Ten Gun's Pedigree

Dontcha Luv Mischief aka: "Big Mama" - 15.1H, 1997', palomino/tobiano PtHA mare

 NEW Video!    Big Mama is a huge, stout, beautiful paint mare, she is unusual, you do not see many that look quite like her!  Big Mama is super solid, broke, and simple to ride, good stop, backs up, point and shoot simple, easy trot and lope, and rides out quiet alone and with other horses.  She will trail ride around on a lose rein literally anywhere you point her!  Big Mama has had lots of experience trail riding both out in the open, woods, over terrain, and in crowded, urban areas with lots of traffic.  She has also been in several parades ...continue reading

$3,000                   Big Mama's Pedigree

TK Neat Little Cat aka: "Chewy" - 14.3H, 2009', red dun AQHA gelding

 NEW Video!    Chewy is an absolutely adorable, super handy gelding. He is one of the smooth-est, easiest to ride horses you can find. Great confidence builder, he is very well trained, honest, and has been around and seen the sights. Chewy was originally trained a cutter and you can drop your hand and he'll work a cow or the flag, he could be tuned up and shown at the local jackpots. He is an experienced ranch sorter and team penner and has all the big moves, but is so smooth, laid back and comfy about it. Great fit for someone who is intimidated by a horse that has the big, forward, powerful moves, but wants to step up their game, he has it all, just doesn't give you anymore than you ask for. ...continue reading

$6,500                   Chewy's Pedigree

~ The horses listed below are also for sale ~
- Info, pictures, and videos will be available soon -
lease Contact Us for more information.


Ima Bodee Heir - 14.2H, 2005', sorrel AQHA gelding - $6,500

FlamingSmart Hickory - 14.3H, 2010', red dun AQHA mare - $3,500

Mack W - 15.3H, 2006', solid palomino APHA gelding - $3,500

"Goldie" - 15H, 14 year old, palomino grade mare - $2,500

~ Horses Sold ~

Hickorys Doc N Jose - 15.2H, 2002', bay AQHA gelding      Sold!

Jose is a big, absolutely beautiful bay gelding.  He has extremely slow, smooth, easy gaits, a great stop, and is suitable for any level rider.  Only gives what is asked of him, in no hurry to go anywhere, and he is so very easy to sit.  Jose was originally started as a reiner, he picks up either lead well, has a great jog, rides around on a long, loose rein, good stop, backs up, sidepasses, turns around both ways, rollsback.  AHs been used to play around at local pennings and sortings, and has done local youth rodeos.  Has ...continue reading

$7,500                   Jose's Pedigree

Freckles To Spare - 14.1H, 2008', bay roan AQHA gelding      Sold!

Freckles is a drop dead gorgeous little bay roan gelding who is a finished reined cow horse who has been shown and won money.  He has a beautiful handle on him, pretty jog and lope on a loose rein, big, soft stop, turns around both ways, rollsback, spins, backs up soft and fast, sidepasses, works a gate, and stands dead still for mount and dismount.  Wonderful ground manners, super sweet, easy to catch, clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, stands tied anywhere for hours, great to load, haul, sweet around other horses, and great for the vet and the farrier.  Ready to haul as a team penner and sorter and has already won money sorting, a blast to ride, super cowy, point ....continue reading

$10,000                   Freckles' Pedigree

Pocos Silver Sugar - 14.2H, 2006', gray AQHA mare      Sold!

Sugar is an adorable, well-broke mare, she has been used on a working ranch most of her life and has been used in feed lots.  She has had lots of outside riding miles.  She would make a great using horse, trail horse, and she also sorts super nice!  Could do the local playdays and team pen, or could make a rope horse!  Has a nice handle, hard stop, backs up, neck reins, easy trot and lope, knows her leads, turns around both ways, rollsback, sidepasses, and works a gate.  She is cowy, athletic, and still young enough to learn any job you have for her.  A little watchy on the ground, so probably not for a ...continue reading

$3,500                   Sugar's Pedigree

Smoking Fast Babe - 14.3H, 2004', bay AQHA mare      Sold!

Babe is an absolute, hands-down favorite here!  This mare is so very smooth, simple, light, and easy to ride - but also super quick, athletic, and awesome on a cow.  If you are looking for a penner or a sorter to step up your game, this mare is open caliber, but one of the few that's also gentle and easy enough for just about anyone to ride!  She will go all day, the kind you can ride multiple classes on and she just keeps going for you the whole time, she loves her job!  No silliness or fussiness, easy to haul, easy to warm up, and easy ...continue reading

$8,500                   Babe's Pedigree

Miss Scoot N Toot - 14.2H, 2010', sorrel AQHA mare    Sold!

Scoot is a super handy, dead quiet young mare, she has had over a year of cutting training and is a finished, seasoned, ready to go team penner and sorter.  She is very flat, quiet, and easy - solid and uncomplicated to ride.  You can pitch her away on a loose rein in just a snaffle bit, and she will jog around quiet, lope off on either of her leads, and go around low headed.  She has a great stop, backs up, turns around both ways, sidepasses, works a gate, and stands dead quiet for mount and dismount.  Excellent ...continue reading

$8,500                   Miss Scoot's Pedigree

Razor Sharp 504 - 14.2H, 2004', sorrel AQHA gelding    Sold!

Razor is an incredible cutting and sorting horse!  He has won several thousand in the sorting pen and won just under $10,000 cutting, won $7,200 in NCHA earnings!  Razor is incredibly smooth, flat, fancy, and such a joy to ride!  This horse makes you smile with everything you ask of him!  Super ground manners, happy turned out or in the barn.  Easy to catch, clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, loads, hauls, stands dead still for mount and dismount, stands tied quietly, and great for the vet and the farrier.  Warms up beautifully on a loose rein!  Watch his videos - and if not sold first, pictures and more videos will be coming soon!

$12,000                   Razor's Pedigree

Diverse Character - 16H, 2004', chestnut snowflake ApHC gelding     Sold!

Steal N Moonshine - 14.3H, 2010', sorrel AQHA mare     Sold!

Moonshine is a sweet, well started young mare.  She is put together well, great minded, and she is ready to start whatever job you have for her.  She walk-trot-lopes both ways, has a good stop, backs up, turns around both ways, sidepasses, and stands still for mount and dismount.  Rides out quiet alone and with others, and is good at the arena too.  All the hard work has been done on this girl and she is ready to go to work  Great barrel prospect, playdays, ranch work, or rope horse!  She has an awesome pedigree - check ...continue reading

$2,500                   Moonshine's Pedigree


Zan Par Champion aka: "Topsy" - 14.2H, 2010', palomino AQHA mare     Sold!

Topsy is a stunning, gorgeous, stout young mare who is solid and ready for a job.  She has had over 2 years of professional training and has a solid foundation to go do any job that you have for her.  She has had reined cowhorse training, has been used for team penning and ranch sorting, has been well started as a breakaway rope horse, and is also patterned on the barrels.  She has a solid, walk, jog, and lope, big stop, backs up softly, sidepasses, turns around both ways, and started on spins, rollbacks, and lead changes.  Rides on a loose rein in just a mild loose-ring snaffle bit.  She has also been trail ridden ...continue reading

$6,500                   Topsy's Pedigree

WSR Millenium Desire - 15H, 2004', sorrel AQHA gelding     Sold!

Millenium is an incredible, seasoned, all-around athlete.  This guy has literally done it all.  Millenium will cut a cow, run barrels, rope, ride outside, babysit, ride in traffic and commotion, and team pen and sort with the best of them.  He has an amazing handle, extremely honest, will walk, jog, lope circles both ways, gallop and then slide stop, rollback, turn around, side pass, back up, and work a gate, and all with his bridle off!  Millenium is super smooth, comfy and easy to ride, very user-friendly and as uncomplicated as they get.  Millenium has been hauled all over the country as a ...continue reading

$8,500                 Millenium's Pedigree


Let The Party Begin aka: "Party-Girl" - 15.2H, 2003', bay AQHA mare     Sold!

Party-Girl is a gorgeous, finished, seasoned all-around show mare, this mare could take a youth or adult ride a long way at the local open breed shows or 4H shows.  She is a finished western pleasure mare, she also does well in halter, showmanship, pattern classes, horsemanship, hunter under saddle, equitation, and trail!  Party Girl has been shown by both adults and youth riders.  This mare is the quality to be able to be tuned up and show at the larger shows and do really well at the regional and state level.  She has solid ground manners, easy to catch, clip, bathe, pick feet, groom, saddle, bridle, stands quiet for the vet and for the farrier, stands tied, loads, and hauls well, quiet at the shows.   Watch her video, this mare is super broke to your leg, spur broke, has a great spur stop, lopes ...continue reading

$7,500                   Party-Girl's Pedigree

Play Like Rey - 15H, 2008', chestnut AQHA gelding       Sold!

Rey is a super-star in the sorting and penning, he is seasoned, easy, and has consistently won money.  He is open-caliber, if you want one to step up your game that you won't hesitate to enter on, no matter the level of competition, this is your guy!  He is smooth, snappy, and easy to tack up, warm up, haul, and show.  He is automatic and knows his job, point and shoot, he is always setting you up on his own, and ready for your next move.  He is suitable for just about any level of rider that wants a horse to move up a level, he is user friendly and easy.  He has a great turn around both ways, ...continue reading

$8,500                   Rey's Pedigree

Chex The Lights aka: "Slider" - 15.2H, 2009', sorrel AQHA mare - $6,000    Sold!

Annabelles Rey - 14.3H, 2009', sorrel AQHA mare       Sold!

Annabelle is a super athletic, talented young mare with a solid start on her.  She is ready to go for anyone wanting a sorter, team penner, barrel horse, rope horse, or a fancy ranch horse.  Annabelle was started as a cutter and has had lots of outside riding miles and has also been started on the barrels.  She has been hauled, been out, and seen the sights.  She is just 4 years old and is ready to put the finishing polish and hauling/seasoning miles on.  This is a quality, talented mare that will make anything that you want her to be!  She has a nice easy trot and lope, started on her lead changes, backs up soft and quiet, turns around both ways, side passes, works a gate, and she hunts her stops and sits ...continue reading

$5,000                   Annabelle's Pedigree

Rats N Cats aka: "RatCat" - 14.1H, 2004', sorrel AQHA gelding       Sold!

RatCat is an awesome, finished, solid, automatic cutting show gelding.  If you need one to start a youth or novice rider on, this is the best you can find!  He is so very solid and easy.  He is also a seasoned ranch sorter and team penner, and just an all-around nice, fancy riding gelding.  The lesson kids here just love to ride this guy, he is extremely smooth, a big stopper, jogs and lopes around comfy cozy on a loose rein, and  will ride with no bridle at all  Super honest, quiet, and consistent.  Excellent ground manners, the best you could ask for, quiet and easy to catch, lead, load, haul, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, clip, bathe, and excellent for the vet and for the farrier.  Stands stock still ...continue reading

$12,000                   RatCat's Pedigree

Butchen Dun Did It - 14.3H, 2008', sorrel AQHA gelding        Sold!


Cee Me Smoke Fire - 14.2H, 2012', buckskin AQHA mare       Sold!

Cee Me is an absolutely gorgeous filly, that is incredibly well put together and  well bred, check out her pedigree - this girl is going to really be something!!!  Cee Me has already had 30 days on her and is ready for someone's program!  She saddles quiet, stands for mount and dismount, has been sacked out, picks up both of her leads, has a good stop, and backs up.  The little filly wants to be soft and quiet, and she's so natural.  She is quiet in ...continue reading

$5,000                   Cee Me's Pedigree

Skeetins Red Feather - 14.2H, 2010', sorrel AQHA mare        Sold!

Skeetin is a drop dead gorgeous mare that is trained as a cutter and is ready to show in cutting, ranch sorting, or team penning.  She would also be a gorgeous ranch versatility show horse or a great cowboy dressage mount!  Skeetin rides around dead quiet, is naturally low-headed and smooth gaited, she has a big stop, backs up quick and soft, sidepasses both ways beautifully, great turn arounds both ways, rollsback, started on her lead changes - and does it all beautifully on a loose rein in just a snaffle bit.  She is a blast to sort on, very simple and easy, just kick and point, no fuss, a fun, easy ride.  Skeetin is easy to catch, lead, load, haul, stands tied, quiet to clip, bathe, groom, pick feet, ...continue reading

$6,500                   Skeetin's Pedigree

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All horses and ponies are subject to price change and prior sale.
Please read our Terms

See how some of our sold horses are doing with their new owners!